Saturday, March 28, 2009


I got on the Canadian Art of African Canadians,because after a while I wanted to hear or see what was the experience of other people of colour compared with my own. So the simplest thing was to pick up books, watch films, ask the family.
Well my family, i know them. they know me, I wanted an outside eye. Thats when it started to get Interesting. So much of mainstream reading, at the time,(And i think some today) iTs writing done by people outside of the particular community .
Lets go back. think of "Uncle Toms Cabin" the story of a black man , written by a white woman, plays which made it to broadway like the "four saints in three act," by Gertrude Stein, all black cast, but,, then I think of " porgy and bess" "Emperor Jones what about the bards "othello" which seldom had a black man in the role,so it was writen by a white man about a black man and played by white men. think of all the t.v. shows, how many had black characters written by white people. and in the art galleries there are a number of portraits of black people, but painted by,,you know who.
Black like me
always struck me as a weird piece of work. Heres the deal. in the 1961, a white man gets a procedure done to make himself black. lives in the American South, and writes about it. So what happens here. nobody believes that the situation is dread when black people talk about it, but serious press when white man talks.
but i digress, what do Canadians say about Canadians. try racism eh? and i think to set you off even more read Rinaldo Walcott. or
listen to him

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