Saturday, May 30, 2009

long time, no write.

Sorry i really mean it. I have been;(a) very busy, (b) very lazy,(c) apathetic, (d) a mixture of all the afore mentioned.

Yeah, thats it. i have been running around like a running thing. I was working on a production in Montreal "someone Between" Absolutely fantabulous, loved it! not only because I was allowed to participate on the production (thank you Milena Buziak,fab director,smart like firecracker, funnier than Stephen Harper at a rave, and the wonderful, talented-to be sure lovely writer performer Chantria Tram, for allowing me to sit and watch you create, awe inspiring.) at the same time I was doing the teaching begining acting thing. Which I very much love doing. So sorry all you who have been waiting and getting bored wondering if I fell off the face of the earth.

To be fair though,i was getting kinda miffed a bit,trying to find something interesting to write about, without being rude or snide-like. but its freaking hard to write about black canadian artist ,when we seem to be in such small numbers, or are we? can i hear from some o you out there? hell no!