Sunday, May 23, 2010

older still.

Is it hot or is it me. the climate is shifting. sensibilities are at there end,or is it a cyclical thing, this happened twenty years ago, the earth froze, then got hot, is it hot or is it us? I am working on some new stuff. you have been watching the progress of the big thing , but i also have been looking at the old stuff. I want to thank Ella my next door neighbour who came by and was so thrilled to see my work from the window ,she had to come on in..... it was an unexpected boost. I call this one peep'n. It was a moment. I just love the fun of it. some times i kill me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


2002 got to be feeling of creativity was all up in my grill. i could help but make art and love and live
thia one is about the lack of nature in a manufactured world, this lot was going to be turned into a parking lot.... nuff said

talk less say more

another around the same time 2002 ish summer Ottawa, it is a fantastic city. lovely green chilled... but

speaking of old

I recently, (this morning) digitized a bunch of slides i had of old work. some of it can only been seen through the picture.. these are installations, public art set up so it's free to watch and make inner comments without sitting in a gallery and pretending. the first is called dreaming in the huse of the ancestors, it was in Ottawa Canada, 2002. it gone now but i love the process

Monday, May 17, 2010

In with the old

It's nice to look back and see the things i've done, I very proud if them, they all speak to me. These days in a different way. I was thinking of re doing some of the work, especially the ones i did not have the facility to capture back in the day. Or maybe it was the lack of patience. I still am inpatient, i throw my work around, write haphazardly, which annoys my writing partner (sorry Ms,Knight) and my new theatre Partner who loves correcting grammer and all things ineffecient.
these are a few pieces,,, actually the ones a show now is one piece i cut into four( don't ask .I can't understand.)this is #1 top left hand corner.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


This is earlier

The progress of work

yahoooooooo, yesterday A new theatre company hit the stage. Theatre Hullabaloo starteed by Deanna Dobie and Myself, was officially registered in Quebec. We are very excited, we are planning to set up a thoughtful, provocative and entertaining theatrical experience for our audience. That being said I would like to welcome all of you to come an visit us and our work. we will be setting up a website in the near future. please stay tuned. first production will be "Dogg Show."
okay ! the progress of the work; Althea Knight suggested I photograph the work as it moves along a great idea so here is the continuation. I did not put the size of it. it is 70"x96" yeah pretty big ,but you have to see it. what is fantastic is the things seen in it. I am loving this.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inertia,- hope- faith.

(expression lest a reason. mixed media.)
Crash and burn. Lately I fell off the high of doing stuff. I began to believe that people look at merit, even though I know this not to be the case. It's about networks and friendships(and I use that word loosely.) Time and time again I end up looking at people who have less background in the creative process and more time in the coffee/cigarette break moments,they seem to get the gigs. While I sit wondering if my work is lacking. It is hurtful. After crying in my soup, the only thing I can do is get myself up for the down stroke. continue doing the things I love. work toward the things I believe is right. As Steve Job says "Every day look in the mirror and ask yourself, If I were to die today, would i be doing what I'm doing?"