Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Althea Knight Artist- Healer

Althea Knight. Is an Artist and healer, Here work is eclectic, electric and radiates great vibes. Her work which she considers "outsider art" or "Art Brut" this is work created by folks not formerly trained ,but with a high aesthetic value.
She has combined her Healing practices with creative work, I actually think she found a way to work holistically, There is not a place where art starts and healing ends. I spoke to her.

medium; AK;"Originally acrylics on anything,Paper,burlap. canvas.windows. Then later I tried pastels on canvas. Now I,m using pastels on paper, any paper
me; What,s your subject matter
AK; Oh I go with colour as a theme. the Predominance of certain colours. its the spirit as spirit. I work on the journey of the spirit on earth. which is vibrations, energy, which is numbers colours, its a very subconcious . My work is about the healing of me, and my environment. i am the intermediary its a spiritual and holy practice.

Me; You travel a lot how are you able to work?
AK; well i started to work pastels after my luguage was lost with all my work, its somewhere between Italy and Greece.
Me: oh?
AK; Yeah I lost two and one half years work, like that.
Me; how do you see yourself as a black canadian artist
AK; I'm cosmic dust Materialized baby!(laughs) i'm a cosmo-cosmic being


  1. Hey Bryan, thought it might be good to add my websites:

    I wanted to add that I don't like to classify my work and what I feel most comfortable with is the term Visionary Art. First of all, I love the word and definitions of Vision because all the meanings relate to who I am and how I experience my life here on the Earth at this time. Secondly, my artwork are reflections of visions that I have of energies and vibrations on a conscious and subconscious level. Brought through with these colours and shapes, are healing messages from the Soul for the Soul.
    The rituals that I once went through while painting: dance, meditation, the burning of essential oils, prayer and singing are now practiced in my "Art of Healing" Workshops.
    Because I am on the move constantly, I now seize snippets of time, whether I am on a plane, in a park, in an airports, or in a guesthouse to give visual voice, with pastels and paper, to the Spirit Songs that lie within. Because I am willing to create in my journal I am free to allow the offerings to come through. This is a blessing and liberates my expression and nourishes my soul.
    Guess I better get some pictures up of the pastelwork on the sites.
    Wishing Love, Light, Magic, Truth, Peace, Power, Inspiration, Delight, Expression, Health, Joy, Freedom and Justice for All.
    Althea Knight

  2. Bryan,
    I would like to thank-you for creating this much needed site and for taking the time to interview me.
    Much love and all that good stuff,